The Wrench
The Wrench

These things take time.

For Scottish readers, Kid Canaveral will no doubt be a familiar name. A hard working four piece, the Fife / Edinburgh / Glasgow outfit won warm praise with the mature yet uplifting songwriting which dominated debut album 'Shouting At Wildlife'.

Since then, the band have played SXSW and taken their wares global. Returning to the studio last year, Kid Canaveral began crafting songs for a follow up effort.

A measure of refinement, new album 'Now That You Are A Dancer' seems to enhance all of the positive aspects from their debut album. The production is beefier, reflecting the muscle of the band's hyperactive live persona.

Alongside this, though, is a palpable tenderness. Kid Canaveral know to get a laugh, but they also know when to play it straight, such as on new track 'The Wrench'.

A pounding, rollicking piece of songwriting 'The Wrench' seems to spring with a wild, child-like abandon. Powered by pneumatic drums, there's a crispness here, an assured approach which the band could only have gained by those long months of touring.

Listen to it now...

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'Now That You Are A Dancer' is set to be released on March 4th.

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