Thrown Like Jacks

This is what we know:

On December 30th a YouTube account was opened in the name of Evian Christ. The producer then uploaded a series of track which blended ambient fog with distorted hip hop samples, crafting something that was bruising yet tender.

A week later, Evian Christ added several more cuts to the account. Each video features a sleek, Futurist design which is striking in its simplicity while the clips are not supplied with search tags. Opting out of the datacloud, the producer has maintained a sense of secrecy while retaining the use of the web as a means of distribution.

Right now, little is known about Evian Christ. Conspiracy theories abound, with some suggesting that the moniker belongs to a well known producer playing games on fans. However others are more idealistic, suggesting that the sounds are the product of a new talent which has yet to emerge.

Whatever. All ClashMusic can do right now is enjoy the music. 'Thrown Like Jacks' is one of the most striking cuts to emerge thus far, with Evian Christ sampling elements of the Tyga track 'Lap Dance'.

The ambient tones are half-inched from Grouper's 'Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill' adding a beautiful undercurrent. Connecting the two are skittering, demented beats which are inspired by the light speed tempos of Chicago's Footwork scene.

The juxtapositions are striking. Evian Christ is a product of the web, in both the sense of distribution and inspiration. This isn't mere genre hopping - the producer captures the sound and feel of Footwork, while retaining the alienation that the scene causes in outsiders.

An mp3 of 'Thrown Like Jacks' is already circulating around the web. If Evian Christ objects, perhaps (s)he should get in touch...

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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