'Chocolate Cosmos'

Uquine remains rather reclusive.

Based in Penzance, the youthful artist uses his music as a means to open up new avenues, to explore the reaches of his imagination.

Working almost constantly, the rising songwriter has released a string of curious musical vignettes online, sparking admiration and confusion in equal measure.

'Chocolate Cosmos' could well be his most potent offering so far. Uquine uses all manner of sounds - reversed guitars, bongos... rainsticks, even - to piece together something quite unique yet also quite evocative.

Sounding like a message from another world, 'Chocolate Cosmos' comes equipped with some entrancing visuals. Building on the message of the song itself, it focusses on the relationship between objects, and how this builds up into a wider eco-system.

Check it out now.

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