You hear it all the time – ‘guitar music is dead’, ‘ROCK is dead’. At Clash, as eclectic as our tastes are, we’d be the first to dismiss such a nonsensical claim with both fists raised - which is where PAWS come in.

We’re not hailing this Scottish trio as the saviours of modern music, rather a reason to have your faith restored in the simplistic power of guitar bass and drums; a band whose sound is so punchy and bare-knuckled that you’ll shudder at its immediacy but with a lyrical core that intelligently and often charmingly explores complicated emotional themes of love, loss, death and illness.

Our track of the day is the b-side to the band’s latest single ‘Sore Tummy’ which has been receiving extensive and well-deserved airplay on major UK stations and precedes their forthcoming debut album, ‘Cokefloat’, out in October on Fat Cat Records.

This particular song, ‘Salem’, which if I’m correct is named in honour of the smack-talking cat from Sabrina the Witch, has long been a staple of the band’s live show over the past couple of years and surely strong enough to ride on its own merits.

Grounded by a subtle but mighty melodic hook, the song is a scuzzy, energetic three-minute jam that taps into the vein of collective influences such as Sonic Youth (think ‘Teenage Riot’, for example) and Dinosaur Jr. But these are obvious touchstones that have already been bandied around way too much to be healthy. Point is, if you’re looking for something, loud, proud and catchy, PAWS have got you covered.

Listen to it now...

Words by Ryan Drever

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