'I Know'
Astronauts, etc.

Anthony Ferraro spent his life focussing on music.

Classically trained, hours of practise were poured into his craft each and every day. While studying at the University of California, though, arthritis began to effect Ferraro's hands.

Dropping out of school, the musician was forced to find new ways to compose, new ways to express himself. Letting his mind wander, these bedroom nocturnes would find renewed focus as part of Astronauts, etc.

Drifting through styles and genres, the project is borderless yet seems to have a distinct character of its own. New album 'Mind Out Wandering' will be released on September 18th via Hit City U.S.A., but Clash can bring you a special preview.

'I Know' is a sweetly personal track, the cloud-like ambience softly wrapping itself around you. Directed by Vinyl Williams, you can check out the video below.

Photo Credit: Ginger Fierstein

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