'Know You'

Jon Gooch is, perhaps, the producer's producer.

Lauded by his peers, the beat maker has been involved in various sounds over the years, flirted in the fringes of various scenes.

Recently, though, he decided to take a step back. Jon Gooch re-launched his Spor moniker, a seminal name in the cavernous realms of drum 'n' bass.

New EP 'Black Eyed' drops on May 13th, and in a curious move it'll be available via BitTorrent. Spor explains: "BitTorent represents to me a direct link to the free-form and underground nature of drum 'n' bass."

Clash is able to premiere Spor's latest system smasher 'Know You'. The jittery rhythms are the perfect base for those dreamy vocals, with the track displaying a lighter side to the producer's work.

Get involved below.

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