'Driza Bone'

Mags was born in Sierra Leone, but civil war in her homeland forced her to move to East London when she was just six years old.

There's a sense of dislocation in her music, using creativity to forge an identity unique to her.

Veering from R&B to hip-hop, pop to electronics, Mags never settles in one place, but this seems to produce something wholly distinctive.

Studying at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts as a youngster, there's a sense of weight, of intelligence, to her work that makes her stand out.

New cut 'Driza Bone' is a case in point. Returning to her roots in R&B and hip-hop, the track is a stylish yet provocative offering, with Mags refusing to shy away from the limelight.

Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Jordan Strong

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