Open Heart
Zara McFarlane

Jazz as a genre can often be dominated by tradition, by a respect for the standards.

It's rare, then, to find a young artist with a potent voice they can call their own. A graduate from London's Guildhall music school, Zara McFarlane is steeped in the history and mythology of jazz - but not at the expense of her own unique vision.

Debut album 'Until Tomorrow' emerged in 2011 via Brownswood, matching nu-soul appeal with the flexibility and dexterity of spiritual jazz.

A socially conscious artist, McFarlane's blossoming songwriting tackled Big Topics in a manner which was both personal and immediately accessible.

Since then, the London born artist has continued to blossom. With her reputation spreading, Zara McFarlane went back into the studio, recruiting a host of collaborators to accompany her next step.

Set to be released in January, new album 'If You Knew Her' is a confident progression. Containing eleven tracks, all but three are original compositions which draw heavily on the singer's own life.

'Open Heart' benefits from a spare arrangement, with Zara McFarlane's voice floating above gently etched notes. Overlaying vocal parts to create something akin to a choral effect, the technical aspects of McFarlane's performance are matched by a tenderness, an emotional appeal which you can't quite avoid.

Listen to it now.

'If You Knew Her' is set to be released on January 20th.

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