Track Of The Day 1/8 – Dora Jar


Dora Jar is on something of a roll right now.

Invited to tour alongside Billie Eilish at some colossal North American dates, each performance seemed to send social media into a tizzy. Amplifying her message, Dora Jar then sold out a full UK run, with just two EPs – the immaculate ‘Digital Meadow’ and ‘Comfortably In Pain’ – to her name.

It’s all richly deserved, of course. Neat bedroom pop with a heart of gold, Dora Jar’s over-sharing nature means that each songs carries a vein of oh-so-relatable wisdom.

Snapped up by Island Records, new single ‘Bumblebee’ opens a fresh chapter, and it could be her most effervescent, dulcet moment yet. Online now, the rhythm twitches with joy, while Dora Jar’s pirouetting vocal moves from half-spoken renunciation through to bird-like notes in the upper register.

Adorably cute, the super-sweet innocence is amplified by the lyrics – “Ring-a-ring a Rosie / I’m always the first to fall down…” – and the accompanying video.

Directed by Dora herself, she’s accompanied by local dance students Oliva and Ophelia – big fans of hers, seemingly, and the results are heart-meltingly cute.

Dora Jar comments…

“Bumblebee’ the song is an attempt to escape the painful reality of human experience and trade it with the perspective of a bumblebee, a creature who can see a higher frequency of light, a creature who has wings and can fly off the cold hard ground, a creature that lives in service of nature. My problems seem silly when I remember the existence of these intelligent creatures who could never be bothered by the trivial things that bother me.”

Tune in now.

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