Adam Green

Sounding more like an ageing Las Vegas crooner than a cult indie hero, Adam Green’s latest album ‘Jacket Full Of Danger’ sees the singer sink further into psychedelic pop and confirms his abilit

Tori Amos

There’s something beautifully bizarre about Tori Amos. Cult goddess, independent icon and fairy flower child - she’s all these women and more.

Willy Mason

Critics often greet new and promising artists with grandiose statements as to the merits of their work and potential, often to the detriment of the artist.

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf gets nose bleeds when he’s worried or tired – just like his dad, apparently - and right now, as he meets Clash in the bar of a rather posh London hotel he’s feeling weary.

Ryan Adams

Once the roguish pin-up boy, Ryan Adams transgressed the depths of his dark side in the midst of a creatively fertile spell that would read like postcards from the edge.

Turin Brakes

Inside old rickety benches and stools line the dimly lit Victorian bar while the man in question sips from a glass of coke on one side and the pub landlord potters about on the other.


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