Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is a Canadian poet, novelist and songwriter who has earned almost unprecedented critical acclaim. He wrote the much covered "Hallelujah" and is regarded as a songwriters-songwriter.

Tom Baxter

Renaissance man singer/songwriter who accompanied the songs on his 'Skybound' album with a painting for each and has also turned his talents to a book of his art and writings as well as founding his o


Fink AKA Fin Greenall has moved successfully from the world of the DJ to that of the acoustic troubadour.

Liz Green

With just a gently plucked acoustic guitar to accompany her, Liz Green is fast becoming one of the most talked about singers in the UK.

Sam Isaac

A genuine indie cottage industry, Sam Isaac has risen to prominence without a record deal. Writing and recording the tunes himself, friends help with packaging and distribution.


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