Ben Kweller

With more rock ‘n’ roll stories packed into his 25 years than someone double his age with one previous band (Radish), solo career, friends with the Strokes, Evan Dando, encounters with Joe Strumme


Beck first found international fame a decade ago with the so-called Generation X slacker anthem, ‘Loser’.


London singer-songwriter Adem is concerned with the cosmos. His second solo album, a dizzying space concept record called ‘Love And Other Planets’, shows he has his own, less insane, perspective.


Passenger’s 23-year-old Brighton-based frontman Mike Rosenberg is a rare thing… a young man, with all the enthusiasm and innocence of any other, who is capable, through his lyrics, of telling stor

Ben Folds

Formerly of U.S Alt folk-pop trio Ben Folds Five, Benjamin Scott Folds now resides as a solo artist and has released various albums since the bands demise in 2000.Ben Folds was noted for describing hi

Remi Nicole

Remi is from the new wave of London songwriters whose observational wit and real life tales reach out and speak directly to the hoards of online music consumers cutting through the usual industry crap


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