Seabear, or Sindri Sigfússon, as his mother calls him, is the latest musician set to join the aforementioned artists in the Icelandic hall of fame.

Remi Nicole

Remi is from the new wave of London songwriters whose observational wit and real life tales reach out and speak directly to the hoards of online music consumers cutting through the usual industry crap

Dj Kentaro

On his debut LP for Ninja Tune, DJ Kentaro creates a space where music is not constrained by pace or genre, a world without walls. He invites you to ‘Enter’ - prepare to be astonished.

The Field

The Field’s output is ethereal and almost ambient; a dense yet personal work of northern-lit composition that surpasses the usual threshold of digital music by presenting something which come close


You’ll be glad to ear that throughout my entire interview with Matt Bishop, lead singer of another potential ‘next big thing’ band, Switches, I managed to completely avoid asking the seemingly i


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