Candie Payne

From the moment the Spector-esque drums sound and the impassioned vocal begins, ‘All I Need to Hear’, Candie Payne’s debut single, which received a vinyl-only release earlier this year, it’s i


Sometimes when you’re speaking to the next-best-thing in music you encounter a band so pretentious in their responses that you develop an instant dislike and overwhelming feeling of disdain for them


With the motto “If you don’t like me, then fuck you!” and such controversial lyrics as “I’m ready to fuck” you can clearly see just why this Miami born, sneaker-loving 18-year-old is the l

Willy Mason

Critics often greet new and promising artists with grandiose statements as to the merits of their work and potential, often to the detriment of the artist.

The View

Before they were chart-topping festival headliners, The View began their musical career -and sought inspiration for their name- in the backroom of Dundee pub The Bayview Bar.

The Shins

When Natalie Portman mumbled an off hand remark in Zach Braff’s directorial debut, the surprise indie success story, Garden State, she didn’t realise the impact she would have on James Mercer’s


Thanks to New Cross “new rave” specialists Klaxons, glowsticks are not only officially cool again, they’re also the ultimate weapon of choice in the fashion industry.


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