The Byrds

In the decade that spanned The Byrds’ existence, the band found themselves protagonists of folk-rock, psychedelic-rock, jazz-rock and - after discovering and drafting in Gram Parsons - country rock.

Smokey Robinson

It’s no small feat to be dubbed “America’s greatest living poet” by Bob Dylan, hardly an outside contender for the title himself, but then Smokey Robinson is truly a songwriter that has united


Ollie Jones is a tough guy to pin down. But since the man known as Skream is currently the exploding dubstep scene’s hottest property, that’s no big surprise.

Larrikin Love

On record Larrikin Love are a helter-skelter melting pot of influences and sounds. Something you might expect to find in an enchanted forest - music made by gifted pixies and elves.


As we arrive, those already present are divided up into three rooms: the main room, where all the cameras and crew are working and filming; the extras room, where all the assembled dancers, extras and


Tales of bands holed up in the studio indulging their sordid vices in a blurred mess of nymphomania and narcotics are the stuff of rock and roll cliché, but witnessing Battle lay down their debut in

Aux 88

Taking their name from the abbreviated term for alternative audio feed and the year in which they formed, Aux 88 saw Tommy Hamilton, Keith Tucker, and Anthony Horton uniting “through a love and frus


Apartment’s claustrophobic and stifling melodies, coupled with David’s urgent vocals clearly epitomises this frustration. As the guitars thrash, the percussion certainly beats to its own drum.


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