Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids know a thing or two about basking in the heat, coming from California, and are well versed in the art of soundtracking those blissful moments with the most perfect sounds.

Tapes N Tapes

In the spring of 2003 four youngsters fresh out of college crowded around an old CD player in their Minneapolis basement, trying to keep pace with the pre-programmed beats blearing out of its tiny spe

Vatican D.C

Acclaimed by industry heavyweights Zane Lowe and XFM Radio, and fresh from tours with Bloc Party and The Prodigy, Vatican DC are Irish Steve on vocals, Daniel Lindegren on rhythm guitar, Chris Gentry


So Jimmy was like “Wow, this band’s fucking brutal,” and Emily was like, “I couldn’t agree more,” but they both had friends in the band so they had to stay and watch – we’ve all been


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