Tim Healey

Tim Healey is a freak amongst DJs. Simultaneously pursuing an intense tour schedule while producing from his Brighton studio and running his label: Giant Pussy Records.


Coming out of Glasgow’s experimental party scene where wonky acid hip-hop and slaughtered rap edits are regular cellar rave fodder, Rustie (a.k.a.


Fine art painter by day and reclusive Berlin dance guru by night, Siriusmo’s distinctive post-garage drums, Jamaican fried bass and warped organ orgasms have rattled together a signature sound that


Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman, is the founder of Relish Records. Founded in 2001, the first release on Relish was from Manhead (a.k.a.


Over the last year Martyn reached critical mass - the Dutchman’s beautifully subtle take on modern bass music having made him a regular darling of the trend press for the last few years.

Guy Gerber

Israeli pioneer of electronic music Guy Gerber has repeatedly startled the world with his personal vision of techno which he intertwines with unique and cleverly designed melodies that never leave the

Luke Slater

One of Britain’s true electronic music and techno pioneers, with a career that has spanned 20 years and counting, Luke Slater is a national treasure.


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