Basement Jaxx

From their early Latin-tinged house records, through the ragga-and-sirens mayhem of ‘Fly Life’ to the punk-garage of ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ they are a band in constant evolution.

Aux 88

Taking their name from the abbreviated term for alternative audio feed and the year in which they formed, Aux 88 saw Tommy Hamilton, Keith Tucker, and Anthony Horton uniting “through a love and frus


Annie is a true female musical innovator, making music with that seldom found underground appeal whilst holding main potential also.


Air’s Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel are tucked away in a dimly lit private dining room in a posh West London hotel.


Graeme Sinden started off his career in the minefield that is the music industry as an A&R and promotions manager at Loungin’ Recordings.


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