This being the era of “New Rave” (whatever that is), there’s plenty of bands about who claim a distinct dance-influence in their oh-so-samey sound, despite doing nothing more than put a bad disc


With the motto “If you don’t like me, then fuck you!” and such controversial lyrics as “I’m ready to fuck” you can clearly see just why this Miami born, sneaker-loving 18-year-old is the l

Seraphim Codex

Despite having spent the best part of a decade seeding BPM’s across Eastern Europe, Croatia’s Seraphim Codex (aka Robert Imbriši?) only really came to Clash’s attention in the lurid land of hop

Hot Chip

You may not expect this wily bunch, straight outta the harsh quagmire of the Putney badlands, to be the true possessors of the funk.


Ollie Jones is a tough guy to pin down. But since the man known as Skream is currently the exploding dubstep scene’s hottest property, that’s no big surprise.


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