Neon Neon

Getting picked up in a DeLorean that ought to have a flux capacitor on the back to be ferried to your chat is, for a child of the ’80s, something of a treat. ‘But why?’ you may well ask.

Utah Saints

Early 90s dance kings on the comeback trail win a remix of their 'Something Good' tune and a new album in the pipe line. Have recorded with REM's Michael Stipe and played live with U2.


Former Radio DJ and drum and bass legend, Grooverider served the music well before running afoul of the drug rules in Dubai. Currently incarcerated, his agents are looking at ways to get him free.


Brighton based electronic trio. Initially a vehicle for the songwriting talents of Joseph Mount, Metronomy has now expanded into a full band set up.

The Electric Riot

Originally the pseudonym of Tim Trouble, The Electric Riot are now a fully formed band unleashing their debut album 'Kingdom', documenting the trials and tribulations of modern living in Twenty First


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