The Magic Numbers

Likened to The Mamas and Papas and the summertime Beach Boys sounds of the late 1960s, The Magic Numbers’ initial song-writing efforts did capture the melodic euphoria of a west-coast American sound

Xerox Teens

It was probably inevitable that as soon as the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Futureheads started making “music for girls to dance to”, the synths and day-glo would make a re-appearance eventual

Zero dB

Trace a line from The Police to Sun Ra via a menswear shop, Newcastle and the Big Chill and you’ll emerge through the looking glass into the bent, sun-blitzed world of Zero dB.

Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids know a thing or two about basking in the heat, coming from California, and are well versed in the art of soundtracking those blissful moments with the most perfect sounds.

Tapes N Tapes

In the spring of 2003 four youngsters fresh out of college crowded around an old CD player in their Minneapolis basement, trying to keep pace with the pre-programmed beats blearing out of its tiny spe


Upstairs at the trendiest celeb-boozer in town, Dub-infused London five-piece Radar are relaxing in the early summer sunshine.

Vatican D.C

Acclaimed by industry heavyweights Zane Lowe and XFM Radio, and fresh from tours with Bloc Party and The Prodigy, Vatican DC are Irish Steve on vocals, Daniel Lindegren on rhythm guitar, Chris Gentry


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