Big Star

Big Star, the band that played alternative music before people were calling it that. It’s been said that Big Star were to the Seventies what the Velvet Underground were to the Sixties.


Tales of bands holed up in the studio indulging their sordid vices in a blurred mess of nymphomania and narcotics are the stuff of rock and roll cliché, but witnessing Battle lay down their debut in


In case some of you reading this are not aware (or have managed to avoid daily red tops since the dawn of time), you might like to learn that aside from frequent court appearances and even more freque

Aux 88

Taking their name from the abbreviated term for alternative audio feed and the year in which they formed, Aux 88 saw Tommy Hamilton, Keith Tucker, and Anthony Horton uniting “through a love and frus


Autechre (Au-teck-er) is a word free of derivative, bashed out on a computer keyboard in 1991 and agreed originally as a track title because it looked good when designed on tape.


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