Jakobinarina come from the ’burbs, which in Hafnarfjordur, a few kilometres outside Reykjavik, is pretty much like the ’burbs anywhere else in the Western world.

Cajun Dance Party

Whatever the terminology, Cajun Dance Party definitely have it. The youthful North London quintet have enjoyed a rise that can confidently be described as meteoric, even in the modern indie climate.

The Hives

It’s late July and the self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘real rock and roll’ The Hives are well into the festival season – they’ve clocked up 15 shows so far – most notably Benicassim near Val


The door of the hotel suite opens, and in walks the most iconic woman in music – the inimitable punk goddess with the steely blue eyes and the razor sharp cheekbones.

Bloc Party

Releasing one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2005, itself a stunning introduction to a new and highly interesting and unique band, Bloc Party’s ‘Silent Alarm’ saw them hit the ground


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