The Bees

The complexities of the music industry seem a far cry from the humble beginnings of the band in a carefully constructed shed in vocalist Paul’s parents’ back garden.

Mando Diao

When Mando Diao hit the road for a global 18-month tour in autumn 2004, the last place they expected to end up was the dark seedy underbelly of Red Light Europe.

Kings of Leon

Before turning into the kind of enormodrome-sleighing, chart-topping rock royalty they have become so associated with today, Kings Of Leon started out as a pack of root-tootin' rock n roll renegades.


Single ‘Me And Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard’ and 2004’s ‘Louden Up Now’ album saw the California/Oregon/New York collective signed up by Warp in the UK and jettisoned to the forefront of


Grinderman woos you with poetry, slams you in the balls, steals your daughter, manhandles your psyche, mullahs your bassbin and panders to your dark side. All at the same time.


Jeff Tweedy gives the impression that this new album is like a completely fresh start, for the band, as well as himself.


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