When Warp records founder Steve Beckett signed an unknown band from Sydney in early 2008, based on the strength of their album ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ - a seething instrumental mass of post-punk g


Meaning a flock of geese in flight, Gaggle is made-up of twenty-three ballsy women and is fundamentally a performance-art choir with a feminist axe to grind.

The Fall

Formed in the aftermath of Punk, The Fall remains the vehicle for Mark E Smith's creative output with a legendarily long list of ex-members.

The Bundles

Much-loved New York anti-folker Jeffrey Lewis has formed a band, The Bundles, with fellow indie icon Kimya Dawson, plus Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen and Karl Blau.

Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo is the brainchild of the splendidly named Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg (German mother/Jewish father). Originally from Long Beach, Avi and three school-friends make up the band.


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