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  1. Craig Green For Björn Borg

    Björn Borg, for the most part at least, is one of those Scandinavian brands that claims a customer in every one of its native Swedish audience, while in the UK remains something of an anomaly; a token waistband that rises above your pal’s jeans.   Not for much longer, if…

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  2. Dress Of The Year: Craig Green

    Even in 2015, a year in which gender fluidity and the respective arenas have gained prominence across the media and gender neutral dress has turned commercial within the fashion industry, that Craig Green has picked up ‘Dress of the Year’ is big news. An annual event from the Fashion Museum…

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  3. Craig Green: Dover Street Market And Beyond

    “That boy is one hell of a talent,” Lou Dalton told Clash last year. “Ain't seen nothing like it in a long time, something very special there.” Shaun Samson, the Sibling three, Kit Neale, Alan Taylor and Astrid Andersen also independently identified Craig Green SS14 as a collection they were…

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