The spirit of underground rock left drooling on the lawn...
Zig Zags

Rock music is at its best when it bypasses the cerebral cortex and heads straight for the veins. It’s at its most potent when left drooling, exhausted on the floor, blood pulsing and sweat pouring.

Zig Zags aren’t breaking boundaries. The band’s music can best be summed up as the Venn diagram connecting Black Sabbath, Black Flag and Motörhead. But hell, those are three of the finest rock bands of all time, so anything that combines that trio can’t be wrong… can it?

As it happens, Zig Zags pull off this act of hero worship with no small degree of style and grace. ‘Brainded Warrior’ is a salute to those delinquents whose IQ gurgles at their feet, while ‘Magic’ manages to extinguish the ego in a puff of sweat, guts and fuzzed up riffing.

Relishing brevity – most of the song-burps on ‘Zig Zags’ clock in under three minutes, and a hefty percentage under two – the band commits smash ‘n’ grab rock ‘n’ roll operations. ‘No Blade Of Grass’ is the snottiest hardcore hymn Minor Threat forgot to write, while ‘Psychomania’ is 48 seconds of pure, unbridled insanity.

Sure, it’s not exactly analytical, soul-searching fare – but at the end of the day those adjectives are for suckers, for people who view rock music as a library pursuit and not something to be fought for and won in the mosh-pit.

This is the spirit of underground rock left drooling on the lawn. As Zig Zags themselves put it in some 90 seconds of pure punk debauchery: “I SAID! I AM THE WEEKEND!”


Words: Robin Murray

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