A bold debut offering...
Youngn Lipz Album Artwork

Youngn Lipz - Australia’s young, upcoming rapper and singer - has just released his debut album 'Area Baby', with a collection of beautiful melodies and hooks to keep you listening for hours. 'Area Baby' has 15 tracks, including his breakout singles, 'Spaceship' and 'Misunderstood', presenting a wide variety of options, to enjoy YL’s artistry.

Youngn Lipz ability to present a constant rhythmic and melodic delivery showcases the depths of his understanding when it comes to musical intricacies. All the instrumentals on the album are produced and curated at a high quality, staying in the context of a similar theme to create familiarity throughout the project. By the end of 'Area Baby' you start to relate acoustic guitar strings being plucked, a piano, a trap drum pattern and an emotional delivery to being the essence of YL’s artistry, with songs like 'NO LOVE', 'AREA BABY' and 'VISIONS' showcasing this immaculately. The album, introduces us to part two, of his ever so popular 'Misunderstood', this time coming with a verse from the seasoned UK heavyweight M Huncho.

M Huncho swoops onto the track with a British punch, his unique flow and artistry allow for Young Lipz to express his creativity in an immeasurable fashion, and opens doors of opportunity for features in the future.

There doesn’t seem to be much variation in YL’s delivery, it stays consistent to the point where it comes across stagnant. All the songs mesh together because of said delivery, there are no defining features that allow for replay value and hold the listeners attention, in a sense, being too easy to listen to. This is not to say that it doesn’t sound good, because it does, there is just so much potential for more to be achieved and delivered through his impressionable delivery.

His first album, it allows room for development, the ability to season himself, re-think and place himself in a position of power rather than defeat. Youngn's talent and ability to create hooks, melodic verses, and understanding the best way to integrate with the instrumentation to do not go a miss.


Words: Ramy Abou-Setta

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