A bold new direction for the trio...
Young Knives - Sick Octave

In what might yet turn out to be their ‘Kid A’ moment, Young Knives decided to turn to computers, home-made synths and sheet metal for this fourth full-length collection.

Nevertheless, ‘Sick Octave’ retains a knowing accessibility: ‘We Could Be Blood’ (video below) and ‘Marble Maze’ possess effortlessly stirring sing-along qualities that will please any fans confused by the gurgling baby on ‘Preset Columns/Default Comets’.

‘Owls Of Athens’ finds James Chance-like horns meeting the feisty electronic pulse of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, while ‘Something Awful’ channels the wry vocal musings of Wire.

“You’re gonna love me,” sings Henry Dartnall on the latter. He’s probably right.


Words: Mat Smith

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