Exhilarating fare from the Scottish trio...
Young Fathers - Tape Two

It’s not until the fourth track on ‘Tape Two’ that it becomes apparent that Young Fathers are from somewhere other than sunny California.

While the label behind them, Anticon, may call Los Angeles home, ‘Queen Is Dead’ opens with a half-spoken, half-spat tirade delivered in the kind of Scottish lilt that would incite from the Edinburgh outfit’s American labelmates the typically confused: “You’re from… New Zealand… right?”

While Young Fathers may lack stereotypical Scottish sonic behaviour – whatever your own perception of that may be – they channel the same perplexing distinction into exhilaratingly baffling production and refreshingly sharp and passionate lyrics.

Everything suggests that, on the strength of this set, The Land of the Brave won’t need a referendum to prove its independence.


Words: Jack Chesterfield

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