Winchester Club – Britannia Triumphant

A sprawling, post-rock skyscraper

Like a record store bulk-buying Napalm Death’s ‘You Suffer’ single (the shortest ‘song’ ever, clocking in at 1.36 seconds) the intitial reaction upon entering into The Winchester Club’s ‘Brittania Triumphant’ may be one of feeling slightly short changed.

Fear not though, for though it may consist of merely three tracks (Segments, for post-rock purists), luckily this album clocks in at around an hour long. A sprawling, instrumental, post-rock skyscraper that took seven years to make (the length of most scenester bands’ careers), it saw The Club take in field recordings and sonic wig-out’s which could make most Shoegazer’s tremble. Laced with eerie, spoken-word snapshots they also partake in rolling out the sly trickery of making difficult structures and layers sound completely effortless. Low-slung riffs and relentless, downbeat drums soon pervade into trance-enducing, anti-pop territory . Think Godspeed You! Black Emperor and early Sonic Youth filming Mogwai in a dimly lit tower block. Not likely to be clamouring up the Chrimbo charts any time soon, then.

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