Wild Style

A moment in time where an epoch was born.

This year the big debate in the hip-hop arena is whether or not the genre is officially dead.

KRS-One has fought back against the non-believers with his upcoming release ‘Hip Hop Lives’, a recent rare unified performance by The Wu Tang Clan at Hammersmith Apollo and a great album from veteran Talib Kweli due out this month have also helped the cause. There’s enough to suggest it is alive and well and that a great underground resurgence of the golden ages is soon to be thrust upon us. Bearing this in mind, Charlie Ahearn’s cult classic Wild Style is not only a timely but necessary re-release. Featuring pioneer of the genre Grandmaster Flash, breakdancers The Rock Steady Crew and tag/graffiti legends Zephyr and Daze this DVD is more an historical document, a moment in time where an epoch was born. For those of you who think you know your hip-hop, put your money where your mouth is.

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