A mystical fantasyland into which the listener can dive...
Washed Out - Paracosm

Dreamy synths drift through the imaginary world of Ernest Greene’s second album as Washed Out, ‘Paracosm’.

Myriad instruments compose a flurry of retro samples, colourful whirrs, whooshes and soundscapes brushed with chattering birds.

Not quite chillwave, ‘Paracosm’ is more of an ambient experiment, where the rhythmical driving force of Greene’s debut LP ‘Within And Without’ (Clash review) takes a backseat.

Loose vocals meander through the whirling haze, the album more suited to intimate, personal listening rather than gatherings in the sun.

‘Paracosm’, as its title certainly implies, is a mystical fantasyland into which the listener can dive, and experience escapism.


Words: Sarah McRuvie

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