Walt Disco – Unlearning

An eye-opening blend of styles...

‘Unlearning’ is an album that instantly hits you in the face. True to the album’s title, Walt Disco seem to have unlearnt every genre-defining rule to create a brilliant mess of sounds. Every track will have you questioning the sound – is it punk? Is it pop? Is it techno? Just when you feel content with the album flow, something will throw you completely off course again. Whilst on some songs this blend works brilliantly – ‘Selfish Lover’ and ‘The Costume Change’ – on others it can come across as almost abrasive.

It’s an impressive sound for a debut album. Lead singer James Potter’s voice is really made to shine on tracks ‘Those Kept Close’ and ‘Be An Actor’, their vocals providing the power to the song.

The album itself is presented as a stage show with two halves that divulge into themes of sexuality, identities, and love. The over-the-top production and complete unwillingness to align with any sound makes this album brilliantly unique.

One of the quirkiest albums to arrive in the alt-indie sphere for a while, ‘Unlearning’ will definitely surprise you.


Words: Bella Fleming

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