Walt Disco – The Warping

An expansive feast of pop maximalism...

Whiplash between the weird and the wonderful – ‘The Warping’ is Walt Disco dialling up, expanding in all directions.

‘The Seed’ is an orchestral overture that sets out the lofty aspirations for the album, and as it cascades into the striking, spotlight vocal opening of ‘Gnomes’, it’s immediately obvious that Walt Disco have shot for the moon and landed amongst the stars.

There are a lot of elements at play, and they don’t always marry up perfectly. Laissez-faire disco grooves sit at odds with primal, quivering lead vocals (‘Come Undone’); lilting lullabies and compelling production are lost in a haze (‘Black Chocolate’ and ‘Weeping Willow’); but by serendipity or design, sometimes things align to create some of Walt Disco’s most magical sounds. ‘Gnomes’ is a delight, ‘Pearl’ is a gorgeous, soporific aquarium of a song, closer ‘Before The Walls’ is magnificent. 


Words: Ims Taylor

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