...strolls along with a foreboding melancholy

Roger Michell certainly has a strange fascination with old timers and their love lives.

In 2003 he directed The Mother, which saw Bond himself, Daniel Craig, partake in an affair with an OAP. This time round in Venus we see Peter O’Toole struggle to keep his pants on in a relationship with a girl about a quarter of his age. Thankfully though, Maurice (O’Toole) manages to curb his relationship with Jessie (a superb turn from Jodie Whittaker) into a far more innocent affair than that which we saw in The Mother. The film strolls along with a foreboding melancholy that only a film starring more pensioners than a night at Gala bingo could. Michell manages to inject a humour that buoys the film into the sunny rather than dreary. Leslie Phillips lends a large hand to this humour with his aging gloom merchant Ian. As good as he is though, the show is all Peter O’Toole’s who may well pick up an Oscar for his portrayal of this aged lothario.

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