Venetian Snares – My Love Is A Bulldozer

On which worlds collide, majestically…

A centaur – as seen on the cover of this album, the latest of many from ever-active Canadian producer Aaron Funk, aka Venetian Snares – carries a wealth of symbolism.

The most common theory supports the idea of wrestling dualism – that the part-man, part-horse image is a visual metaphor for a Manichean struggle within the heart, between forgiveness and revenge, love and lust, good and evil.

As a result, the sounds of Venetian Snares’ first album in four years further epitomise this mythological concept through aural clashes of jazz and industrial, anguished strings and frenzied drum programming, maudlin vocals and savage bursts.

Funk’s career-defining skill for making worlds collide, in the heart, the head, and the studio, continues majestically.


Words: Joe Zadeh

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