With Cabaret Voltaire, Einsturzende Neubauten, Alien Sex Fiend
Various Artists - Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance

Compiled by renowned producer, DJ and artist Trevor Jackson, ‘Metal Dance’ covers eight years of music - from 1980 to 1988 - over two discs and twenty-seven tracks. Specialising, as the title suggests, in the more acerbic, brash end of industrial music, post-punk and their bastard child, electronic body music, more affectionately known as EBM, it makes for a stark - often chilling, often exhilarating - collection of music that spans the genre(s), from the well-known to the esoteric, the accessible to the impenetrable.

Considering that the newest song here is from twenty-three or so years ago, this compilation resonates incredibly well with today’s torrid, turgid, wealth-obsessed and greed-ridden world, providing an appropriately dark and nihilistic response to our celebrity-obsessed, consumer culture - the sound of a thousand unsatisfied workers hammering cold, metal stakes into the cold, metal heart of those who preside over countries or corporations.

Of course, as is the nature with all compilations, some tracks here are better than others, but you can’t really go wrong with staples of the genre such as Cabaret Voltaire, Einstürzende Neubauten and Alien Sex Fiend, all of whom are included here. Elsewhere, legendary filmmaker John Carpenter collaborates with Alan Howarth on an appropriately apocalyptic cut from his film ‘Escape From New York’ while The Bubblemen kick things off with the repetitive drone of their own theme song. Occasionally - as on SPK’s ‘Metal Dance’, this album’s namesake - the metallic clattering is too relentless, but, then again, how else are the walls of the gilded palaces going to be knocked down?




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