Too esoteric for many...
Variety Lights - Central Flow

Original frontman of Mercury Rev, David Baker, returns eighteen years after his solo project as ‘Shady’ with a quirky analogue-synth experiment. Collaborating with Will Maclean, ‘Central Flow’ has vintage keyboards, ’80s midi expanders, effected guitars, and off-kilter vocals at its heart. Fittingly ‘Silent Too Long’ has the most to say; its multi-layered pulsating keys contrast Baker’s distinctive delivery in a ramshackle highlight. Elsewhere the adventurousness can get out of hand. ‘Sell Your Soul’ is a drawn-out sepulchral howl over disjointed, out-of-pitch analogues and ‘You Are So Famous’ comes across like repetitive childish teasing. Only creating for themselves, Variety Lights will prove too esoteric for many ears.



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