Valgeir Sigurdsson – Dreamland

Rich and occasionally beautiful soundtrack

With the express intention of reflecting the ongoing depletion of natural resource for profit is, one suspects, a tall order. Nevertheless, Valgeir Sigurðsson’s latest album, ‘Draumalandið’ (Dreamland), harbours those exact aims. A rich and occasionally beautiful soundtrack linked thematically by ominous histrionics and a concatenation of brief pieces results, sadly, in a perceptible lack of coherence.

Successful moments come when rumbling industrial drone is used to underpin the minor and major counter melodies on ‘Cold Ground, Hot’ and the blunted, traumatic minimalism of ‘Beyond The Moss’ is particularly effective. Perhaps, when taken in alongside the film this score works to, ‘Draumalandið’ is larger than the sum of its parts: it needs to be.


Words by Ash Akhtar

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