V/A – Future Bubblers 6.0

A superb cross-section of new music...

A group of emerging musical elites, today Brownswood Recordings release the sixth edition of the Future Bubblers compilation, in what is an expansion of Gilles Peterson’s network supported by Arts Council England. With the artists involved in the Future Bubblers being intricately selected, the initiative acts as a springboard for the musicians’ careers with the cooperative model providing direct revenue to the artists by a share of the profits resulting in a sustainable income to work from.

The latest body of work is compiled of nine tracks fusing genres that span across electronic, alt-R&B, alt hip-hop, spoken word, neo-soul, jazz and beyond, bonded together through artistic brilliance. Opening the project, Plumm showcases her inviting vocals on ‘To Be A Woman’, in what is a stripped-back live rendition of the song, whilst she also features on fellow Bubbler Zenel’s track ‘Crinje’, highlighting the former’s musical dexterity. Meanwhile, Siegfried Komidashi combines layers of instrumentation through his mesmerising tone on ‘Voyager One, Lost’, followed by Jericho Noguera’s genre-bending single, ‘Keeping On’. Noguera’s single pays homage to maintaining an optimistic mindset, and also bids farewell to the prominent jazz themes in the opening of the collection. The album then carries itself into BBC Radio 1’s guest host, Victoria Jane and her emotive track ‘Good & Lowkey’, in what is a soulful, soothing alternative R&B resonance that blissfully entices the listener even further into the stunning collection.  

Much like a Gilles Peterson DJ set, and the way he eloquently shifts genres, so does the work presented by the Future Bubblers. As the collection unfolds, it moves on to a more electronic sound, exploring various avenues, beginning with a sensational Shirkers curation in ‘Like Summer’, featuring Ceeow’s vocals, who flaunted his  rap and singing talent further on his own offering in ‘Twice’, to which the album then presents Tadi The Great’s hip-hop-meets-psychedelic soundscape on ‘Catastrophe’. The whole piece is carefully constructed to ensure that there is a distinct narrative and structure that runs throughout the listening experience. In the latter end of the record, the collection sways deeper into a more traditional electronic sphere with Tadi The Great’s take on psychedelic hip-hop, and Nowsm’s mesmerising ‘Rough Of The Felt’ closes out the collection in a compilation of breakbeat house and experimental sonic sounds readymade for any venue. 

Despite the shift in genres throughout the album, the way each track blends into the next works just perfectly – it takes you on a journey of the unexpected, but one that is filled with exceptional surprises and songs that stay with you indefinitely. The album embodies the spirit of the musicians as well as the team behind Future Bubblers, and through the pedigree of music in which each respective member is curating, it really does feel as though this group of individuals are approaching boiling point. The initiative offers long-term support throughout each respective artist’s career, and judging by the recent Bubbler’s compilation, these rising up-and-comers are certainly ones to look out for. 


Words: Ben Broyd

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