An all-you- can-eat buffet where you indulge in the band's finer points...
'Sex & Food'

From the syrupy psych of ‘Major League Chemicals’ that recalls early Tame Impala with its zapping and expansive guitar melodies, to the lo-fi funk of ‘Ministry of Alienation’ that sweats and swells with tight precision, ‘Sex & Food’ is a UMO all-you- can-eat buffet where you indulge in their best bits.

The blistering ‘American Guilt’ comes to rip your face off with what sounds like Marc Bolan playing for Black Sabbath after a King Gizzard listening binge, while ‘Hunnybee’ and ‘Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays’ bounce and ooze with irresistible funk; with the latter mixing orchestral strings and frantic keys for a delirious finale.

‘The Internet Of Love (That Way)’ is a sensual love song that features a stand-out performance from Ruban Nielson, however it’s ‘Not In Love We’re Just High’ that takes centre stage. Its emphasis on the chopped vocals is intoxicating and leads up to a sonic blast of fuzz and Technicolour.

Now four LPs deep, ‘Sex & Food’ is another tasty morsel from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Showing not only progression and honing of a craft, this record goes from a hulking shredding Goliath to a reflective funk record in the space of a few minutes with wonderfully engrossing results.


Words: Liam Egan

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