Gently - and gloriously - nudging perfection.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II

Now a fully formed trio - rather than singer/multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson’s singular project - the Portland-based psych-rock outfit’s second album is an absolute triumph. From opener ‘From The Sun’, which recalls George Harrison-psychedelia, to the tender Family Stone shuffle of the closing of ‘Secret Xtians’, ‘II’ displays both a glowing warmth in its production and a deft use of space that illuminate Nielson’s superbly-crafted compositions. The seven-minute ‘Monki’ is a woozy lullaby - akin to drifting off to an opioid-induced sleep - while 2013 is unlikely to birth a more sublime shimmer of surf-pop than ‘So Good At Being In Trouble’. Gently - and gloriously - nudging perfection.