We may have a revolution on our hands

Downsizing has struck many a working man in recent decades.

Blame the rise of machinery, the decline of industry, Thatcher…whatever, there just isn’t enough jobs to go around. It would appear that this virus of unemployment has spread to rock music, and bass players in particular. From The White Stripes to Blood Red Shoes, there are perfectly able bassists loitering in dole queues across the globe, and Two Gallants are only contributing to the problem.
Then again, when the smaller workforce does such a good job, why complain? This hardworking duo has once again crafted an album so simple yet so sublime, that surely an extra pair of hands would only dilute the impact. This is 46 minutes of yearning, strutting, booze-soaked and sun-dried blues/country/rock that at times sounds effortless and is invariably dazzling. If things carry on like this we may have a revolution on our hands, bassists beware.