Twin Atlantic – GLA

An album of unashamed anthems...

Blasting sounds pour out of the speaker, with Twin Atlantic cranking into their latest and loudest album, ‘GLA’. The Glaswegians are back with their fourth full length and it’s heavier than ever.

Opening cut ‘Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator’ sends you into a chaotic whirlwind, setting the erratic tone that the rest of the album will follow; “Pull my teeth out, pull my sunken eyes out” is just one lyric that gives you an insight into the poetic direction ‘GLA’ is travelling.

‘Overthinking’ is one of the lighter songs, almost reminiscent of their previous album ‘Great Divide’ with its pop influence being rather more noticeable than most tracks on ‘GLA’. Halfway through the album we reach ‘Valhalla’ which seems to be where Twin Atlantic find their groove with impeccable guitar riffs with a definite sense of sass. The funky influences on ‘I Am Alive’ mark a split from the first half of ‘GLA’ – at this point it’s rock, but rock you can dance to.

Sophistication is a compelling component to ‘GLA’ and it’s almost as if McTrusty’s vocals have become louder and more defined than ever. The power in his vocals along side the booming bass that Twin Atlantic are known for have meant that this album is most certainly a contender.

Where ‘Great Divide’ portrayed a softer side to the band, ‘GLA’ takes them back to their brash beginnings; think early Muse, or fellow Scottish outfit Biffy Clyro.

There is some measure of repetition throughout the album, with that constant beat keeping you on the move. But Twin Atlantic have produced an album of unashamed anthems and it doesn’t disappoint.


Words: Georgia Ivey

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