Turnstile – GLOW ON

A riveting return from the Maryland group...

Three years since their last album, Turnstile make their much-anticipated return with mutating third studio album, ‘GLOW ON’. Released via Roadrunner records, Turnstile are flexing some of their heaviest hooks yet – gliding us across nonchalant bops and hellish riffs, the Maryland five-piece have yet again come out with a bang.

Opening with aloof chimes and progressive guitar distortion, Turnstile thrill us all with bold introductory statement ‘MYSTERY.’ In this heavy-hitter the group replicate the same euphoria that accompanies their live shows. Vocally driven by dark song-writing and a sense of bewilderness, ‘MYSTERY’ works as a twisted bop and playful opener.

Following is the punk-rock frenzy of previous single ‘BLACKOUT’, a fiery indication that from here onwards the group might not always leave you on gentle chimes. And it’s at this point the excitement just keeps on rolling. Ferocious follow-up ‘DON’T PLAY’ experiments with riffs at break-neck speed and an addictive chorus. Turnstile have curated an album that sees no boundaries, a project itching for rebellion – across this mammoth track-list ‘GLOW ON’ has you pining for more. Welcoming acclaimed producer Mike Elizondo (Eminem, Twenty-One Pilots, Avenged Sevenfold, to list a few), ‘GLOW ON’ sees frontman Brendan Yates and Elizondo unite as producing partners, and it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Standing at track nine is intergalactic ballad ‘ALIEN LOVE CALL’ featuring a collab with UK artist Blood Orange; in this track Turnstile toy with emotive lyrics as they loop the words, “can’t be the only one…” Pushing feelings of loneliness across airy harmonies and cryptic spoken word, across ‘GLOW ON’ Turnstile glide you between some of their fist-punching highs to their soul-destroying lows. And if the transition between ‘FLY AGAIN’ to ‘ALIEN LOVE CALL’ doesn’t catch you in the pit then the hardcore rhapsody of ‘WILD WRLD’ is sure to win you over.

Across the album Turnstile have made a boisterous return, amplifying just how ready they are for their next ride. Featuring respected tracks ‘HOLIDAY,’ ‘NO SURPRISE,’ ‘MYSTERY’, and ‘T.L.C. TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION’ – taken from their newly released EP – the album allows us to see the group quite literally glow up as they show a depth we’ve never quite seen from them before.

Penultimate track ‘NO SURPRISE’ plays as an airy interlude, prepping you for the last moments of this very beautiful album. Exploding into grungy farewell is concluding track ‘LONELY DEZIRES.’ Opening with what feels to be a very heavy finale, ‘LONELY DEZIRES’ surprises you with a progressive transition into softer, psychedelic guitar riddles. Walking you into a state of haze, ‘LONELY DEZIRES’ sees off the last 35 minutes as a distant memory.


Words: Laviea Thomas

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