Troye Sivan – Something to Give Each Other

An ambitious, exultant pop record...

Hypnotising hits intertwined with vulnerable, catchy tracks catapult Troye Sivan’s third album, ‘Something to Give Each Other’, to new heights of dance-pop perfection. The Australian YouTuber-turned-pop-star finds his footing on a record that balances the deep richness of his baritone vocals with a delicate sweetness and vulnerability through his soft lyricism.

Since his 2015 debut ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, Troye Sivan has continued to prove his place in pop – reinventing himself with every era while maintaining his unique and genre-defying sound. On ‘Something to Give Each Other’, Sivan’s first full album in five years, the 28-year-old floods your ears with exhilarating electro-pop, exploring concepts of sensuality, love, and loss. The diverse themes and sounds makes this an album to carry you from solo listening in your bedroom to the centre of a crowded dance floor. ‘One of Your Girls’ stands out as the pinnacle of Troye Sivan the artist, delivering a semblance of Y2K beats under punchy, repeated one liners – “Face card, no cash, no credit” – that will have you coming back to the song again and again.

Each track on ‘Something To Give Each Other’ can evoke a chuckle, a smile, a tear, or a gasp. ‘Silly’ conjures the former as you get lost in the buzzy techno sound, while ‘Can’t Go Back, Baby’ evokes a multitude of emotions with lyrics like “I wish you weren’t dead to me – so much to missing you” and “more than just my enemy, you are my lover too.” Armed with a plethora of killer, quotable lines, Sivan softens the delivery with his soothing vocals against a horror-movie-like backtrack that’s guaranteed to catch you off guard. 

A wave of bubbling emotion and challenging energy is palpable throughout ‘Something to Give Each Other’, but somehow each transition goes over smoothly and not a single track feels out of place. Instead, it sounds more like a perfectly curated playlist that can guide you through each emotional headspace. This is why ‘Honey’ is the perfect album closer, a track that not only encapsulates the steaminess that ‘Something to Give Each Other’ offers, but also exudes a subdued softness that runs throughout the whole album.“Give me the courage to say all the things I mean,” Troye Sivan croons on the opening line, as he confirms to the listener they have partaken in a shared experience of catharsis and optimism over the previous ten tracks. An uplifting album with a distant and ever present sadness culminates on a high note, and then right before you know it, you’ll start it all over again.


Words: Lauren Dehollogne

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