A return to form from the Bristol legend...
Tricky - False Idols

Bristol’s godfather of beats cleanses his palette after his Domino deal went sour with a 10th album released on his newly minted own label, also named False Idols.

Presenting new vocal collaborators Fran Belmonte, Fifi Rong and Nneka, ‘False Idols’ finds Tricky punching hard and lofty once more.

This West Country boy has often been seen as falling short of his epic 1995 debut ‘Maxinquaye’, meaning journalists love to goad him with his own trip-hop template, a musical mist that makes Macbeth’s own apparition of Banquo appear more like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

However, ‘False Idols’ comes close to vanquishing the spectre of ‘Maxinquaye’, comprising a fleshy and nasally return to form.


Words: Matthew Bennett

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