Tourist – Inside Out

An honest electronic homage ready-made for festival season…

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things to get through in life, and everyone has various different ways of coping when this kind of tragedy occurs. In Tourist’s case, he has used his musical prowess to create a body of work that has allowed him both to grieve, but also to celebrate and remember the incredible friendship of his best friend as he releases his sensational fourth studio album ‘Inside Out’. Because of the added emotional value behind the album, it really is a body of work that feels so much more than just an album, ‘Inside Out’ is Tourist’s way of reflecting and processing trauma in musical form.

With that being said, this is the beauty of ‘Inside Out’. The album drifts between songs that represent the grieving period in ‘A Dedication’, and ‘Silent Letter’ to feelings of euphoria and nostalgia in ‘With You’ and ‘April’. Whilst there is always time for grief following the death of a loved one, Tourist shows on ‘Inside Out’ that it is equally important to reflect over past memories in a jovial fashion, reminiscing on all the good moments shared together – an emotion that beats so strongly throughout the record. This emotion in particular is extremely prevalent in the likes of ‘Speak in Symphony’, the opening track of the album that truly sets the tone and paves the way for what’s to come, and ‘Your Love’, a song that represents the celebration of life and friendship.

What’s more, if ‘Inside Out’ offered Tourist a new approach in life when it comes to dealing with hardships, it also provided him the opportunity to adopt a new production strategy. Due to the complications of Covid and the lack of face-to-face collaborations, Tourist found himself sampling more than ever across artists such as Big Thief, Penelope Trappes, Ellie Goulding and many others. In doing so, Tourist was able to explore a variety of different themes spanning all the way from the devastating loss of a friend, the unpredictability of everything in life, becoming a father, and the constant longing for the connection of other human beings.

‘Inside Out’ reflects on the feeling of hope, moving on from the tragic loss of a loved one, and looking forward to a brighter future, not necessarily forgetting them, but allowing yourself to move forward whilst knowing they will always be with you in spirit. As a result of this, Tourist has created a body of work that will be remembered as not just an incredible listening experience, but also an iconic tribute to his best friend, and an album that many listeners will find similar comfort in.


Words: Ben Broyd

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