Held down by former EP pieces
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Trouble

Dance-pop without the stigma of, well, being dance-pop, comes from someone who admitted to Clash himself that the album format had him thinking overtime. Perhaps that’s why ‘Trouble’ is held down by former EP pieces, and why the Dinosaur leader’s debut feels the need for the pastiness of ‘You Need Me On My Own’, and easy breather turning a different corner ‘Fair’, so as to demonstrate an adaptable/album track nous.

‘Household Goods’ has a go at the euphoric with 8-bit-fried synths, to reignite the dance-pop argument and whether TEED should be raving in the Top 40. But with someone with remix credits for Lady Gaga and Katy Perry - hold your horses before assuming the contradiction - the DJ in the headdress is not a chaser of a cheesy paycheque. One great help is that TEED likes a bass propulsion; something that’s not too over-the-top, making for Balearic waggle room, but with plenty of meat to tuck into, the garage skipper ‘Closer’ and the great get-up-and-go of ‘Your Love’ drawing from the quakes of his bass-elastic served for another chart troubler in Professor Green.

That breathy, half-disinterested, half-sleepwalking vocal, where Orlando Higginbottom flicks his hair out of his eyes, may pester you into pulling out the odd follicle. Check your scalp for the title track, before the grooming turns to a young Ian Brown-ish type on ‘Shimmer’ and Jose Gonzalez on the aforementioned ‘Closer’. If you don’t hold the periodically flaky nature of ‘Trouble’ against Higginbottom, this is pretty simple club music solely about the ‘now’ of dancing. And that can only be a good thing.



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